About Paree Bhattacharya

Hi! I am Paree Bhattacharya, and I love content.

Curiosity, content, and conversation are the three C’s that interest me, and I am sure they are the keys to great branding.

I have a credible experience in content and promotions, and I am here to share some learnings and insights I have picked up along the way. I hope my blog inspires you and feeds your curious soul.
So here I am; A writer, designer, visualizer, and strategist, hoping to add something cool for you guys to read.

I am a brand strategist and hold expertise in content, design, exhibition planning, consulting, and advertising. I believe in personalization over customization, and I am here to partner with brands for projects that need creative solutions.

P.S: I love reading as much as I love writing. So feel free to read my reviews!