On a Sunday morning, do yourself a favor. Take a break.
Go for a walk to the nearby park, meet your friends for brunch, go for an early show and watch the latest release, take your partner out on coffee, go for a drive, buy some takeaway dinner, and give in to the hot chocolate cravings.
An ideal day, isn’t it?
Now, do us a favor. Observe.

The book you purchased after reading its blurb, the menu you ordered from at brunch, the ambiance you appreciated with your friends, the instructions on the hot chocolate box, the attractive box that made you buy it, the signboards along the way, the device you are reading this on, the chair you are sitting on, and the list goes on.

Everything in our life is primarily inspired by two things: Design and Content; both are driven by purpose. Someone did not just happen to make a chair or a signboard or add a blurb to understand the book better. Every piece of content, right from the tiny disclaimers on your cereal box, to the copy and content on your blogs and campaigns, to the Starbucks wall menu, is wrapped to solve a purpose. To solve a problem. Problems are why you have forks to eat noodles or speed breakers to slow cars, or why you have a headline separate from the body text. Good design and content are just solutions.

The Word Marvel (TWM) is an effort to string the world together with good content and design. Get, set, explore!